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Links with shelf numbers refer to WATSONLINE, the online library catalog of the Museum. Photocopies of each source reference are available in the Goldwater Library. Certain electronic resources are accessible within the museum or with an approved remote connection.

  • Bellwood, Peter S. The Polynesians : Prehistory of an Island People. London: Thames & Hudson, 1978.
  • Hall, Henry Usher. "A Woodcarving from Easter Island." Museum Journal (University of Pennsylvania) 16 (1925). [RGL Vertical File / H]
  • Heyerdahl, Thor. The Art of Easter Island. Garden City, N.J.: Doubleday, 1975. [P5E H61a]
    • Pp. 181-197, plates 24-49
    • It is important to note that current scholarship discredits Heyerdahl's theories of migration to Polynesia from the Americas. His work on the arts of Easter Island is helpful however.
  • Métraux, Alfred. Easter Island: a Stone-Age Civilization of the Pacific. New York: Oxford University Press, 1957. [P5E M59]
    • Pp. 144-148
  • Métraux, Alfred. Ethnology of Easter Island. Honolulu: Bernice P. Bishop Museum, 1940.
  • Thorpe, William Walford. "An Inscribed Wooden Gorget from Rapanui (Easter Island)." Polynesian Society. Journal 33 (1924). [A P783 v.33(1924)] or [Online]
    • Pp. 149-150

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