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Links with shelf numbers refer to WATSONLINE, the online library catalog of the Museum. Photocopies of each source reference are available in the Goldwater Library. Certain electronic resources are accessible within the museum or with an approved remote connection.

  • The Art of the Pacific Islands. Washington, D.C. : National Gallery of Art, 1979. [P2 W31 REF]
    • Pp. 86-7, 165-166
  • Buck, Peter Henry. Ethnology of Mangareva. Honolulu: The Museum, 1938. [A B528b v.157]
    • Pp. 418-427, 460-467
  • Dodd, Edward. A Pictorial Peregrination through the Shapely and Harmonious, Often Enigmatical, Sometimes Shocking Realms of Polynesian art. New York, Dodd, Mead & Co., 1967 [P5 D63]
    • P. 261
  • Kjellgren, Eric. Oceania : Art of the Pacific Islands in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York : Metropolitan Museum of Art ; New Haven : Yale University Press, 2007. [P3 K63 REF]
    • Pp. 294-295
  • NEW! Mangareva, panthéon de Polynésie. Paris: Somogy ; Musée du quai Branly, 2009. [P5G M27]
    • In French; Catalog entry by Catherine Orliac, p. 30-31



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