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Links with shelf numbers refer to WATSONLINE, the online library catalog of the Museum. Photocopies of each source reference are available in the Goldwater Library. Certain electronic resources are accessible within the museum or with an approved remote connection.

Illustrations of the shield in the Met with brief descriptions

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Pacific Islands, Africa, and the Americas. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1987. [K3 N28p REF]
    • Pp. 130

General information on the Central Solomon Islands

  • Kaufmann, Christian. "Melanesia." Oceanic Art. By Adrienne L. Kaeppler, Christian Kaufmann and Douglas Newton. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1997. [P3 K11o REF]
    • Pp. 561
    • Brief discussion of the Central Solomon Islands. Small amount of information on the shields
  • Waite, Deborah. Art of the Solomon Islands: from the Collection of the Barbier-Müller Museum. Geneva: The Museum, 1983. [P6S A1G32]
    • Pp. 31-34, 120-121
    • Article on the islands and art, with illustrations and a brief discussion of shields

Specific information on shields from the Solomon Islands

  • D'Alleva, Anne. Arts of the Pacific Islands. New York: H.N. Abrams, 1998. [P3 D14 REF]
    • Pp. 86-87
    • Illustration with brief description
  • Edge-Partington, J. "Decorated Shields from the Solomon Islands. Man, 6 (1906). [A M226 v.6] or [online]
    • Pp. 129-130
  • Hügel, Anatole von, Baron. "Decorated Shields from the Solomon Islands." Man, 6 (1906). [A M226 v.6] or [online]
    • Pp. 33
  • Oceanic and Indonesian Art: a Collectors' Choice. Woollahra, N.S.W.: Oceanic Art Society; Bathurst, N.S.W.: in association with Crawford House Publishing, 1998. [P3 O15i]
    • Pp. 84
    • Illustration with brief description
  • Waite, Deborah. "Shell-Inlaid Shields from the Solomon Islands." Art and Artists of Oceania. Edited by Sidney M. Mead & Bernie Kernot. Palmerston North, N.Z. : Dunmore Press ; Mill Valley, Calif. : Ethnographic Arts Publications, 1983 [P3 M48]
    • Pp. 114-136
    • Lengthy discussion of shields with illustrations

Gallery of illustrations of shields

  • Leenhardt, Maurice. Arts de l'Océanie. Paris: Éditions du Chêne, 1948, c1947. [P3 L48]
    • Pp. 44
  • Starzecka, D. C. The Solomon Islanders. London: British Museum, 1974. [P6S A1S79]
    • Pp. 17
  • Stehpan,-Chauvet. "Sur l'Art de l'Archipel des Salomon, en Génerale, et Celui, inconnu, d'une de ses Iles: Ile Trésorerie." Cahiers d'Art, 4:2-3 (1929). [[ A C132 v.4:2-3 (1929).
    • Pp. 83
  • Thomas, Nicholas. Oceanic Art. London; New York :Thames and Hudson, 1995. [P3 T45o]
    • Pp. 94-95
  • Tischner, Herbert. Oceanic Art. New York: Pantheon, 1954. [P3 T61]
    • Pp. 27, no. 58
  • Webster, W. D. Catalogue of Ethnological Specimens. European and Eastern Arms & Armour. Prehistoric and Other Curiosities. Bicester, Oxon, 1895- [K3 W38 SpecColl no.31]
    • Pp. 98

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Photo Sources
Dusasa II. Photo by flickr-handle (via Flickr)


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