Object Guides: An Introduction
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Since the early 1990s the library has provided ready-reference guides to selected 'signature' objects on display in the AAOA galleries. The guides were created primarily to assist the Museum's education staff in developing gallery talks to tour groups and to the general public. At the time the guides were conceived, object-specific information on objects in our galleries was difficult to come by. The original guides included black-and-white photos of the object, label information, references to museum publications in which the object is illustrated or discussed, and background information on the object type and the culture that produces it. The number and scope of the guides has expanded considerably.

Over time ever more object-specific information has become available. Even so, the information is still scattered across a number of locations and in a number of formats. Increasingly the most current and comprehensive information is exclusively accessible electronically. Printed guides were no longer adequate to the task.

About the Sources

WATSONLINE citations

  • Ezra, Kate. Art of the Dogon: Selections from the Lester Wunderman Collection. New York, 1988. [O2 N545ar REF]

Links with shelf numbers refer to WATSONLINE, the online library catalog of the Museum. Clicking on the linked text will let you know if the title is available in the Goldwater Library and may also indicate copies in other MMA locations, such as the Watson or Nolen libraries.


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eMuseum provides access to information about works of art in the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The information that is searched and displayed here is drawn from selected fields in the TMS databases of the Museum's curatorial departments. Curatorial departments control inclusion of records in eMuseum through the public access checkboxes linked to records in their TMS databases. Although most of the objects whose information is made available in eMuseum are accessioned objects, departments may also have included other objects such as long-term loans or works from their study collection.

Curatorial departments create and control the information in TMS. As curatorial departments update their records, the changes will be reflected on this site. When available, digitized images are attached to records.

While a number of departments have created records for their entire holdings others have not yet completed data entry. Much of the information is unedited and considered to be work in progress. The information may be used by MMA staff for reference and research purposes only. If it is to be used in any other context, including electronic and written publication, it must be vetted by the curatorial departments and reviewed according to accepted Museum procedures.


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A number of the museum's journals are available online. Where the same article is available in both print and online formats, it will be noted in the citation:

LaGamma, Alisa. “Olowe of Ise, Equestrian Veranda Post.” Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, new ser. v. 55, no. 2 (Autumn 1997), Recent Acquisitions: A Selection, 1996-1997: P. 85. (Click here to access electronic version) (A N5311 v.55)

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