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Published Resources

Links with shelf numbers refer to WATSONLINE, the online library catalog of the Museum. Photocopies of each source reference are available in the Goldwater Library. Certain electronic resources are accessible within the museum or with an approved remote connection.
Note: Recommended sources for 2008.30 marked with *

  • * Bassani, Ezio. "Kongo Nail Fetishes from the Chiloango River Area." African Arts, Vol. 10, no. 3, 1977. [A A2583 v. 10 or Online]
    • Pp. 36-88.
  • Hilton, Anne. The Kingdom of Kongo. Oxford, 1985. [O6FKO H75]
    • Pp. 32-49 and notes.
  • * LaGamma, Alisa. "Mangaaka Power Figure (Nkisi N'kondi)." The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Vol. 66, no. 2 (2008). [A N5311 n.s.v.66:2(Fall 2008)]
  • * MacGaffey, Wyatt. "Eyes of Understanding — Kongo minkisi." In Astonishment and Power [introduction by Sylvia H. Williams and David C. Driskell]. Washington : Published for the National Museum of African Art by the Smithsonian Institution Press, c1993. [O6FKO M11a]
    • Pp. 19-103.
  • MacGaffey, Wyatt. “Fetishism Revisited: Kongo Nkisi in Sociological Perspective.” in Africa: Journal of the International African Institute, Vol. 47, no. 2, 1977. [A A257 v. 47 or Online]
    • Pp. 172-184.
  • MacGaffey, Wyatt. Religion and Society in Central Africa: The BaKongo of Lower Zaire. Chicago, 1986. [O6FKO M11]
    • Pp. 21-62, chapters 1-2, “Kongo Society” and “The Reciprocating Universe;” p. 132-134, selection describing significance of animals; p. 135-187, chapters 6-7, “Magic, Chief ship, and Witchcraft” and “Religion as a political System.”
  • Perspectives: Angles on African Art. New York, 1987. [O2 N489p]
    • Multidisciplinary commentary by James Baldwin, p. 114+120; Ivan Karp, p. 82, 88-89; Robert Farris Thompson, p. 178, 182, 183, 185, 191.
  • * Thompson, Robert Farris. Four Moments of the Sun: Kongo Art in Two Worlds with Joseph Cornet. Washington, D.C., 1981. [O2 W34f]
    • Introduction p. 26-33. selections from Thompson’s chapters as follows: Ideographic signs and legal systems, p 34-43; special gestures significance of motherhood, p. 124-140.
  • * Thompson, Robert Farris. "The Grand Detroit N'kondi." Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts, Vol. 56, no. 4 (1978). [Goldwater Library call no.: A D483 v.56 no.4]
    • Pp. 206-221.
  • Thompson, Robert Farris. Zinkondi: Moral Philosophy Coded in Blades and Nails. Geneva, 1986. (Bulletin, Association des Amis du Musee Barbier Mueller, no. 31 (June, 1986)) [A C7555 no.31]

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Photo Sources
2008.30. Photo by megan_duffy (via Flickr)

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