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Rock Art Research Institute (RARI)

Trust for African Rock Art (TARA)

Society of Africanist Archaeologists


African Colours
A source for news about contemporary African art and artists.

Contemporary Africa Database
Directory of individuals and institutions. (Note 8/27/07: website has been suspended since Sept. 2006 due to reorganization of Africa Centre London and is currently inaccessbile)

African Art on the Internet
Stanford University's list of selected Internet resources prepared by Karen Fung for the Information and Communication Technology Group (ICTG), African Studies Association. Includes many links to contemporary artists' pages.

Archive of African Artists
The complete list of artists in the archive maintained by the Warren M. Robbins Library at the National Museum of African Art. Useful for locating information on emerging and less well-known artists. A sample of files from the collection are available online.

Arte contemporanea africana
Launched by Iolanda Pensa, a young Italian art historian and critic, in 2006 this site on the Italian version of Wikipedia documents contemporary African art. Arranged by country (both on the continent and off) it covers biennials, museums, galleries, associations, research institutes. There is also a chronological list of international contemporary African art exhibitions from 1962.

Modern African art : a basic reading list
A bibliography of modern African art created by Janet Stanley, librarian at the Warren M. Roberts Library at the National Museum of African art. The list is organized into three parts: (1) broad or general surveys, (2) major group exhibitions of modern African art, and (3) regional and country studies or exhibition catalogs; the regional sections are sub-divided by country. Book and exhibition reviews are also included, where available, but books about individual artists are not.

Monographs on African Artists: An Annotated Bibliography
A companion bibliography to Janet Stanley's "Modern African art" (above). Limited to substantive monographs and exhibition catalogs focusing on a single 20th-21st century African artist. Substantial means something more than a pamphlet, brochure, or short illustrated catalog. Excluded are publications of less than fifty pages. Also excluded are exhibition catalogs of solo exhibitions, unless they are retrospective in nature, more than fifty pages in length, and contain art historical, biographical or contextual information.

Images & Archives

The Eliot Elisofon Photographic Archives at the National Museum of African Art also has a small, expanding collection of images of contemporary African art, including works in the Museum’s permanent collection along with others as well.

Voyages en Afrique (BNF, French)

Colonial Picture Archive (Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main: Colonial Picture Archive)

The Winterton Collection of East African Photographs: 1860-1960

Internet Mission Photography Archive (historical images from Protestant and Catholic missionary collections in Britain, Norway, Germany,and the United States.)

Phil Curtin Collection (photographs from Philip Curtin's field work in the 1960s; on African Online Digital Library (AODL))

Basel Mission Picture Archive

Journals & Indexes

African Arts

Anthropology Plus


Maps of Africa (Northwestern University Library)
Features digital copies 113 antique maps dating from the 16th-20th century from the Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies (or the Africana Library).

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection


National Museum of African Art

Musée du Quai Branly, Paris

Virtual Museum of Contemporary African Art: Art in Africa (directory)

Online Exhibitions

Art and Oracle: African Art and Rituals of Divination Online exhibition produced by the Metropolitan Museum of Art which features essays, objects
and maps and concerning ritual and divination in Africa.

Africa: The Art of a Continent (1996) (Guggenheim)


Africa: Art & Architecture

Africa South of the Sahara Stanford University

Art and Architecture of Africa
An excellent collection of links created and maintained by Columbia University.

Africa Focus: Sights and Sounds of a Continent

Warren M. Robbins Library where you will find links to a selection of very carefully vetted high-quality, authoritative African art web sites. We have intentionally kept this set of links lean, clean and uncluttered.

Smithsonian Smithsonian Institution Libraries online catalog, SIRIS Since 1981, we at the Warren M. Robbins Library at the National Museum of African Art have been selectively indexing the literature of African art, with strong emphasis on contemporary African art. Today, this database of more than 45,000 records (not all contemporary African art) is available through WorldCat and is integrated into the Smithsonian Institution Libraries online catalog, SIRIS ( Here you will find not only monographs, but journal articles, essays, sections in exhibitions catalogs on individual artists, and even some art ephemera.


Timeline of Art History (thematic essays)

Art and Life in Africa Project University of Iowa

ICOM’s Red List of looted antiquities (Africa)

Akan Cultural Symbols Project (Marshall University)

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