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Head of an Oba & Head of an Iyoba


Head of an Oba


Head of an Oba


Head of an Iyoba

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MMA Collection Database (1979.206.86)

Timeline of Art History:

  • Ross, Emma George. Benin Chronology. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000–. (October 2002)

Published Resources

Links with shelf numbers refer to WATSONLINE, the online library catalog of the Museum. Photocopies of each source reference are available in the Goldwater Library. Certain electronic resources are accessible within the museum or with an approved remote connection.

  • Ben-Amos, Paula. The Art of Benin. Washington, 1995. p. 13-43. [O5KB B45 1995]
  • Ben-Amos, Paula and Arnold Rubin, eds. The Art of Power, the Power of Art: Studies in Benin Iconography. Los Angeles: Regents of the University of California, 1983. [O2 L898]
    • Chapters included here: "Benin Commemorative Heads” by Stacy Schaefer, p. 71-77; “In Honor of Queen Mothers” by Paula Ben Amos, p. 79-83.)
  • Dark, Phillip J. C. “Benin Bronze Heads: Styles and Chronology,” from African Images: Essays in African Iconology. eds. McCall & Bay. New York: Africana Publishing Company, 1975. [O3 A267]
    • Pp. 25-103.
  • Dark, Phillip J.C. An Introduction to Benin Art and Technology. Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1973. [O5KB D21]
    • p. 46-53.
  • Duchâteau, Arnaud. Benin: Royal Art of Africa from the Museum für Völkerkunde, Vienna. New York/London, 1994. [O5KB D82be]
    • Particularly "The Art of Brasscasting" (pp. 35-43) and "The Art of Benin and Its Symbolism: The Heads" (pp. 45-53, chiefly illus.)
  • Ezra, Kate. Royal Art of Benin: The Perls Collection. New York, 1992. [O2 N545r]
    • Particularly "Heads of Kings [oba]" (pp. 28-39) and "Queen Mother Heads [iyoba]" (pp. 40-45).
  • Freyer, Bryna. Royal Benin Art. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press for the National Museum of African Art, 1987. [O2 W33 21]
    • Pp. 18-23.
  • Plankensteiner, Barbara. "Kings and Rituals: Court Arts from Nigeria." Tribal Art, Vol. 11, no. 4 = No. 45 (summer 2007), pp. 104-119. [A W97 no. 45]

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